Student Registration

Student Registration

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Having on-line registration during this virus pandemic will make it easy to enroll your student(s).

For returning students, new students, and kindergarten registration, you can complete the forms for enrollment on Final Forms.

Once we are back to school or work, you will be notified as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to finish enrollment.

Please be sure you have your required documentation in order to facilitate the enrollment process as fast as possible.

The following documents will be required when you come to your appointment:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Shot Record
  • Proof of Address
    (Current rent/lease agreement, current (within last 30 days) utility bill, cable bill, tax bill, pay stub, bank statement, etc. Document must have parent/guardian name and address. Do not bring just an envelope or junk mail.
  • Parent Photo ID
  • Custody (if applicable)
    (Must have a court stamped journey entry showing custody/residential parent or guardianship or a court stamped Power of Attorney (grandparents only).

All new students to Fremont City Schools must be registered for school by a parent or legal guardian.

Registration begins by completing all forms on the Final Forms website. Once all forms are completed, you will be notified and an appointment scheduled to finish the enrollment.

Students will not be given a start date until all forms and the appointment are complete.

Children are eligible to attend kindergarten if they are 5 on or before August 1, 2021.

Fremont City Schools offers all-day, every day kindergarten in all four elementary buildings.

Kindergarten is an important step in your child’s academic career.

We strive to offer a standards based instruction that is developmentally appropriate for all students.

Informational Flyers

Integrated Preschool Program – Children who are 3 to 5 (not turning 6 before Aug. 1).

An integrated program is for children with special needs, including autism, as well as children who are typically developing. Research has shown that the earlier a child’s needs are identified and he/she begins to receive help, the more progress he/ she can make in growth & development. The integrated program encourages children with & without special needs to develop relationships with the assistance of our qualified staff to foster equal learning opportunities for all the students.

If you have any questions please contact:
Tiffany Boehler, Student Services Coordinator - 419-332-3689
Linda Larrick, Secretary of Student Services - 419-334-6738

Open Enrollment applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be accepted thru March 31, 2021.

Applications can be mailed to the District Office.

Applications will also be accepted by faxing to 419-334-5454 or emailing

Open Enrollment Applications

Enrollment from outside school districts
Enrollment into an elementary of choice
within the Fremont City School District
between March 1 - March 31

Proof of your residency for your home district or the Fremont City School District must also be provided with either application (i.e. utility bill, rent/lease agreement, voter registration, etc.).

After March 31st, parents/guardians must follow the procedure for a
Request for Change of Attendance Area.

When a family moves within the Fremont City Schools District, the following applications and forms are to be completed and returned to the District Office:

Request for Change of Attendance Area Sworn Statement of Residency
Proof of New Residence (i.e. utility bill, rent/lease agreement, voter registration, etc.)

If parents/guardians are residing in a residence other than their own (i.e. with a friend or another family member) then the parents/guardians must also provide the following:

Residency Verification Form Sworn Statement of Residency
Owner or Renter of Residence Proof of Residency
(i.e. utility bill, rent/lease agreement, voter registration, etc.)
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