Learning & Liberty Foundation of Fremont City Schools

Learning & Liberty Foundation of Fremont City Schools

About the Foundation

The Learning & Liberty Foundation is a foundation governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of school officials and members of the community. The purpose of the foundation is to enrich and enhance the educational opportunities which are provided by Fremont City Schools Board of Education. The articles of incorporation and bylaws serve as guides for the operation of the foundation.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Learning and Liberty Foundation of the Fremont City Schools to enhance the learning process, increase educational opportunities and encourage instructional innovation and creativity by generating and distributing financial and other resources. The objectives of The Learning and Liberty Foundation are:

  1. To enhance educational programs and classroom instruction in the Fremont City Schools. Grant proposals will be reviewed by the foundation’s board of trustees within the stated purposes of the foundation.
  2. To provide opportunities for organizations, businesses, foundations and individuals to contribute time, energy, expertise, money and other resources to The Learning and Liberty Foundation of the Fremont City Schools.
  3. To invest and manage a permanent fund (for use of interest only) which will be of increasing value to the Fremont City Schools. This fund will provide enduring resources for the proposed programs, ideas and school projects designed to benefit the Fremont City Schools.

Board of Trustees

Jon C. Detwiler, Chairperson Tracy Lytle, First Vice Chairperson Charles E. Hull, M.D., Second Vice Chairperson Robert L. Overmyer, Treasurer Linda Claycomb, Secretary Suzanne Brickner, Trustee Arthur Bucci, Jr., Trustee Jamarian Glover, Trustee Rachel Haitonic, Trustee Melissa Hanson, Trustee Kurt Harrison, Trustee Abigail Nagy, Trustee Paul Hershey, Trustee Violetta Rhea, Trustee Nancicarol Woleslagel, Trustee Cindy Young, Trustee

Activities and Sponsorships

Ross High School Scholarships

The Learning & Liberty Foundation awards scholarships to seniors on an annual basis. Congratulations to the 2019 scholarship recipients:

  • Aaron Chavez - Ross High Scholarship
  • Kourtini Joseph - Ross High Scholarship
  • Aaron Chavez - David B. Brickner Scholarship
  • Bridget Thomas - David B.Brickner Scholarship
  • McKela Elder - Ross High School Positive Attitude Scholarship
  • Benjamin Gedeon - Ross High School Positive Attitude Scholarship

Academic Olympics

Each year students in grades 6-12 are recognized by The Learning & Liberty Foundation for academic excellence. Students are recognized based upon grade point averages during awards programs and receive academic pins/charms, certificates and bronze, silver and gold medals. The Gold Medal Banquet is held on an annual basis in order to recognize high school students with a cumulative 4.0 grade point average over the two semesters of the school year. Thank you to Croghan Colonial Bank and The Learning & Liberty Foundation for sponsoring this event. The 2019 Gold Medal Recipients are as follows:

Cameran Alspach, Mattie Billow, Brock Boskovich, Travis Bowlus, Lydia Braun, Andrew Burroughs, Ayden Carter, Carson Clark, Kian Collins, Sarah Cooper, Kody Culbert, Maxim Diaz, Ethan Druckenmiller, Christopher Dyson, Sabrina Flores, Brianna Fraley, Conner Frost, Hannah Fry, Micah Garcia, Drew Garza, Kayla Glotzbecker, Thomas Gluth, Makenna Gonya, Emma Gross, Rachel Haitonic, Madeleine Holland, Victoria Humberger, Rayin Jordan, Kortinin Joseph, Aryn Kauble, Arieanna Keckler, Marcus Kupka, Olivia Lagrou-Godfrey, Shelby Level, Macy Merrill, Brinneth Michael, Isaac Minor, Abigail Nagy, Alyssa Nagy, Kylah Olds, Breeze Ollom, Daniella Ortiz, Marcela Perez, Matthew Perry, Joshua Rhea, Haleigh Rios Logan Ruffing, Jayden Ruiz, Camryn Schornak, Weston Schroeder, Morgan Shetzer, Ava Smith, Isaac Smith, Kendra Smith, Evan Starkweather, Allison Taylor, Kirsten Twiss, Adriana Vasquez, Sara Wadsworth, Leah Wagner, Maya Walker, Chloe Weiker, Abby Wennberg, Zachary Whipple, Hannah Widman, Sarah Widman, Mylah Williams, Faith Zimmerman.

FCS Grant Opportunities

The Learning & Liberty Foundation awards instructional grants to teachers for a maximum of $500.00. Grants are intended to enhance the learning opportunities in the classroom by providing resources for the creative teachers for a long-term project or special learning activities. The 2019-2020 grant recipients:

Teacher Name Building
Rod Jarrett Lutz Elementary
Melinda Hensel Lutz Elementary
Cynthia Durell Lutz Elementary

FCS Teacher Grant Opportunities

Teacher Name Building
Jeff Straka Lutz Elementary
Stamm Elementary

The Learning and Liberty Foundation extends appreciation to our
2019-2020 Donors:

The Family of David Brickner, Croghan Colonial Bank, Crown Battery, Mosser Construction, Old Fort Banking Company, Jennifer Abdoo, Christina French, Richard LaFountain, Randall Macko, Tamara Martin, Lori Nossaman, Anne Robert and Anne Overmyer, Erin Parker, Regina Reed, Rhonda Schmidt, Denise Sloma, Bridget Smith, Christine Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Woleslagel.