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"Learning About Layers
Upon Layers  
Upon Layers"

Learning About Layers

Washington third graders are learning about the different layers, types, and properties of soil in Science. Each student created a flip book depicting the three layers of soil (topsoil, subsoil, and bedrock). Inside each flap, they wrote facts describing that layer. Students learned, and were able to share that, “Topsoil has a lot of humus, which is made up of dead leaves, plants, and animals/insects. Most plants have their roots in topsoil because it’s fertile. Subsoil is the layer under topsoil. It barely has humus, but subsoil has a lot of little rocks. Bedrock is solid rock. It is at the bottom and most of the small pieces of rock in soil come from bedrock.”

Student pictured: Kayla Schwochow

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Educating With The Use Of Technology

The Fremont Middle School technology students (Grades 6 – 8) participated in a field trip to WTOL 11 and Fox 36 news station. The field trip took place on December 1, 2016, in Toledo, Ohio. The purpose of the field trip was to increase student’s understanding of technology, to learn about new technology in broadcasting and how it applies to real world applications. The trip was an observation for education and non-experimental research to provide FMS students with experiences outside their everyday activities, and to explore the world of technology as it relates to their everyday life. The students learned from industry professionals about the importance of teamwork, responsibility, education and networking. The technology students were very engaged, asked many open ended and higher thinking questions, and related their experiences in the classroom to what they learned from Erin Sifuentes, the Digital Marketing Manager and Meteorologist, Ryan Wichman. It was a wonderful experience, and Fremont Middle School students were invited back next year for a return visit.

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