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"The Ohio Department of Health has published information to the public on Ebola.  A hotline number is included on the link below;
however, you may also contact the Sandusky County
Health Department at 419-334-6377 for information."

Ohio Department of Health Ebola Information

 First Day of School 2014-2015

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Learning the Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth

Third grade students at Stamm School have studied the layers of soil.
They learned the name of each layer and what it is made up of. They then made the different layers of soil using food products. The students had to decide
which food product best represents each layer.

Solid cookie - bedrock
Marshmallows -subsonic
Pudding - topsoil
Green colored coconut - grass

Finally students were able to eat the models after completing them,
which was their favorite part of the lesson.

Picture: Elijah Karlovitz displays his soil model and booklet.

Next Board of Education Meeting-Regular Meeting-November 3, 2014-5:30p.m.-Fremont Middle School,1250 North Street

This Year I’m Looking Forward To....

-Having a lot of friends, trying to get good grades and trying to do the best I can. Conner Brunner, Grade 5, Lutz
-Cooler weather and watching all the students grow. Mr. Macko, Principal, Lutz
-Math…math is fun! Monique Kimmet, Grade 4, Lutz
-Learning cursive. Kylee Cleveland, Grade 3, Lutz
-Meeting new friends and recess. Quinn Wolf, KG, Lutz
-We are going to have a fabulous year. We always do! Mrs. Adams, Cook, Lutz
-Doing science experiences. Rozalyn Payton, Grade 4, Hayes
-Music and art because you get to be creative. Jamie White, Grade 4, Hayes
-Looking forward to a great year with a great group of children. Mrs. Wilhelm, Grade 2 Teacher, Hayes
-Finishing up my senior year, so I can move onto college. Sam Contreras, Grade 12, Ross
-Playing sports and being part of a team. Kayla Foos, Grade 11, Ross
-Getting to know everyone and being a part of the school and community. Mr. Buening, Assistant Principal, Ross
-Getting good grades and having a good school year. Abby Prescott, Grade 12, Ross
-Wrestling season! I plan on doing big things this year. Trayvion Scott, Grade 11, Ross
-Looking forward to changing lives. Mr. Saunders, Intervention Specialist, FMS

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